Cle Mi


I was born 1977 in the middle of Germany near Hannover. Listening electronic Music since 1991. “The Prodigy – Out of Space” my first EP :) 1996 I started with DJing on Vinyl. My favourite Sounds in those Days was Techno (Acid & Schranz). Inspired by Monika Kruse, Carl Cox & Chris Liebing. 2001 I changed my Life and stopped mixing Music.


But 2010 I find my way back in listening Psychedelic Trance. In a new Town, with new friendships. In the beginning of 2013 I started again my Way with mixing Music. A few weeks after beginnig I become first Gig in my new Hometown Kiel! Thx to  ARNE (Der Sohn) for your patience <3 without you this wouldn't have been possible!


In the middle of 2013 I get my first times outside from Kiel. It was so amazing, to play my massive PsyProgg & FullOn Music for the People in Berlin, the Capital City of Germany. I smiled even today, if I remember! 


But all changed in 2014, in this year I played official on my first two Festivals in Germany, the P.R.T and Bachblyten Festival and one of the greatest Indoorevents in my Hometown Kiel, the Tala Vinyasa from Klangkontakt


Between 2013 and 2016 I became a Member in some different Labels :


- Ananda Tribe Rec. /Berlin

- Stromreligion /Kiel

- Happy Dude Rec. 


and now I'm a Member and Label DJ from the "MONDMALER" Crew.

My finest Sound is PsyProgg, Psychedelic, FullOn, Twilight & Night FullOn